Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Artists Fall Into Spirit of Season

Motivated by the features of fall, the Academy's aspiring artists are channeling the signs and sounds of the season into their festive creations! However, despite Halloween looming soon, the Lower School students are taking their efforts beyond simply recreating classic, iconic characters.

They are delving into history and cultural traditions and the use of varied art tools, techniques and practices, including color theory and mixed media, during the creative process.

These works of art, including the second graders' "Sugar Skulls," based on decor from the celebrations of "Dia Des Los Muertos," or "Day of the Dead," will be unveiled soon - along with a few ghosts too!
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Pink Flags Planted In Tribute of Cancer Awareness

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month observed in October, the High School Student Council spearheaded a special effort recently to increase knowledge of this health ailment, which primarily affects women. 

Lower and High School students were given bright pink flags, on which they wrote a prayer, encouraging quote or the name of a loved one impacted by breast cancer. 

Over the fall break, members of the Council planted these flags near the Performing Arts Center - in the shape of a commemorative ribbon - to spark continued awareness and dialogue about Breast Cancer. 

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Passports Punched & Journalists Are In The Field

Passports in-hand, seven of the Academy's aspiring journalists on the Ka Leo and Lancers Lately staffs landed safely earlier this week in Fuzhou, Fujian, having traveled through Beijing, China!

On the second day of their week-long adventure, the students visited various cultural sites with their "Big Sisters" from Hwa Nan College in Fuzhou, Fujian. 

The group will document their exciting adventures throughout their journeys - stay tuned for when these stories "hit the airwaves!"

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Robotics Ready to Rock When "Ring" Comes to Campus!

The members of Sacred Hearts Academy's Lower School and Junior High Lancer Robotics teams are enthusiastically preparing venues - and the "Ring" - in eager anticipation of hundreds of people descending on campus for the Airgas Lancer VEX IQ Challenge on October 14

Over 200 students on 38 teams from across the Islands will take on this year's intriguing challenge, "Ringmaster" during the competition. 

Good luck to all the participants, and "mahalo" to all the volunteers who will make this a "solid" weekend!

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Friday, October 6, 2017

#FunkyFridayFaculty Meet Mrs. Gaylen Isaacs

English teacher Mrs. Gaylen Isaacs began her teaching tenure at Sacred Hearts Academy in 1973 immediately after finishing her master's degree at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  She is a woman of many talents having taught many courses over the years including lower school computer classes, French, Japanese and Spanish.

As many of her students can attest, Mrs. Isaacs is passionate about education and reading. She shared that her love of learning stemmed from two extraordinary English professors she had in college who reinforced her love of reading and expanding her world through their lessons.

What some students and alumnae may not know however is her love of animals. Mrs. Isaacs has had many dogs as pets over the years, most often two at a time since the early 1970s. Since then she has also taken on the role of "neighborhood bird lady", as she feeds the neighborhood doves, cardinals and finches twice a day, even setting up a shallow dish as a makeshift bird bath!

Another little known fact -- in her senior year in high school Mrs. Isaacs was one half of her school's first tennis doubles team. 
"For once in my entire short-lived tennis career, my partner and I beat Punahou. Nobody beat Punahou. While it may not have been Punahou’s first team, it was more than memorable for me and my partner." -Gaylen Isaacs
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