Friday, March 27, 2015

2nd Grade Malls Raise $1,515.57 For Charitable Foundations

The Sacred Hearts Academy 2nd Grade Malls opened for business  for two hours on the morning of Wednesday, March 25th, 2015. Students, family, friends and faculty were invited to visit and shop at "The Great Mall of Aloha" and the "'Ohana Mall" which featured a Keiki Bakery. 

The 2nd Grade Mall project is a hands on way of learning about developing and running a successful business.  Based on what they learned in their Social Studies class students created a business, interviewed shopkeepers at Kahala Mall, came up with a business plan, did an oral presentation, and set up physical actual store.  In the "Great Mall of Aloha" and "'Ohana Mall" there was a book store, snack shop, boutique, school supply store, and salon. 

Through the generous donations of parents, teachers, and friends, the stores were well stocked and ready for business.  The students did an excellent job receiving customers ranging from SK to 6th grade, parents, faculty and staff.  All customers left with a smile of satisfaction on their faces.

The 2nd graders as a unit were able to raise an amazing amount of $1,515. 57!  Students will be voting next week as to which local foundation they would like to donate to.  The 2nd Grade classes are extremely grateful for all of the love and support shown by all of the Sacred Hearts Academy families, friends, teachers, and students!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Academy Junior Travels to Hiroshima

Over spring break Academy junior, Jessica Wehrman, '16 traveled to Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima through an opportunity with the Pacific Asian Affairs Council (PAAC)

Jessica primarily visited cultural locations such as the Hiroshima Peace Park, and temples such as Kiyomizudera, and the Golden Pavilion, and Kinkakuji. The program also provided ample interaction with Japanese students and opportunities to learn about the local culture and history. Jessica toured two high schools, one in central and one in northern Hiroshima, participating in various activities with the students enrolled. 

Jessica particularly enjoyed the home-stay portion of her trip; during which she visited the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima. She shares, "It provided me with incredible opportunities to learn about Japanese culture and improve my language skills. Our visit to the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima was one of the most memorable. It is an important part of the history of the world, and as a Japanese descendant, I felt drawn to learn and understand the huge effects of the atomic bomb on Japan. Overall, I think the program did a wonderful job on providing me and its other participants with opportunities to learn about Japanese culture, and interact in a hands-on way with people. The trip was a blend of old and new, traditional and modern, and I loved it. I feel I have gained incredible respect for the Japanese, and I feel blessed to have been able to visit, and definitely plan to do so again. "

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

East Coast Travels & West Coast Exchanges

The Sacred Hearts Academy Choir and Band programs, accompanied by Dr. Alec Shumacker, Choral Director, and Keith Higaki, Band Director traveled to Washington D.C. and New York City over spring break.  The purpose of the trip was primarily exploratory rather than performance-based.  In just one short week, the two programs visited the US Captiol Building, toured the White House, toured the Smithsonian Museums, saw the Statue of Liberty, watched the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, and visited the Lincoln and Kennedy Centers.  

Even though the Sacred Hearts Academy Choir just returned from their East Coast trip, they are on to their next exciting exchange.  On Tuesday March 24th, a show choir from Mayfair High School in California visited the Sacred Hearts Beginning and Select Choirs.  

Mayfair High School's "Showtime" choir is one of the California's highly regarded high school show choirs. Mayfair has one of the largest public-school performing arts programs in all of California.  Mayfair's choir participated in a choral exchange with the Academy's Select Choir; performing for the 7th grade choir prior to the exchange choral concert with the Select Choir. The two choirs gathered together in the Academy chapel to do a multitude of group warm-ups; followed by a few pieces performed by each choir for each other to enjoy. The choirs performed five songs each; the Academy choir preformed Jerusalem by Michael McGlynn, Dear John, a tongue-in-cheek love song by Stephen Hopkins, Samson by Regina Spektor, No Ka Beauty o Honokohau by Herb Mahelona, and Verde Mar de Navegar by Cristian Grases.  The Mayfair choir performed a pop medley that contained hits by Aretha Franklin, Madonna, and others.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Sophomore Seuss-Inspired Week

The Sacred Hearts Academy Class of 2017 kicked off their week long celebration of 'Sophomore Week' today. Throughout the week students will participate in activities inspired by the popular books of author Dr. Seuss; culminating with the Sophomore Class of 2017 Retreat on Friday.

Monday marked the start of the week long extravaganza with "Malasadas on Mulberry Street Monday". Poi doughnuts were available for students in the Performing Arts Center courtyard directly after morning flag raising. During the distribution a donut eating contest was held with representatives from each homeroom - the winning homeroom won a future 'donut party'!

On Tuesday, "The Cat in the Tackiest Hat" arrives on campus as sophomore students are encouraged to show their spirit through colorful accessories. The more colorful and loud the accessory, the better! Hats, scarves, gloves, crowns, sunglasses, socks, hair accessories, necklaces, and leis are just a few items that can be anticipated! Students will get a chance to win a gift card to Forever21 by entering a "Tacky Threads Tournament" fashion show at lunch.

Wednesday marks the arrival of "Horton hears a... What is it Wednesday?" mystery box homeroom relay race in the newly renovated gymnasium. Students will compete as a homeroom for the coveted "Pizza Party" prize. 

Rounding off the week is the "Sophomore Class of 2017 Retreat", held off-campus at St. Anthony's Retreat Center in Kalihi Valley. 

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Leo Club Hosts Osaka Venture Scouts "Rainbow Camp"

A group of 10 Sacred Hearts Academy Leos, along with 2 of their Kalani Leo sisters, joined a group of Venture Scouts from Osaka for dinner on Sunday, March 22 at The Clarence T.C. Ching Student Center

For about twenty years, a group of Osaka Scouts have been coming to Hawai’i for their weeklong “Rainbow Camp”. However, due to the current economic situation, this will be the last Rainbow Camp for the foreseeable future. The Leos worked extra hard to make this last trip as memorable as possible by providing homemade desserts, entertainment, and games. 

The Scouts reciprocated by providing demonstrations of calligraphy, tea ceremony or urasenke, their Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day) celebration activities, and a rousing performance of the popular song, “Soran Bushi”. 

A highlight of the evening was the induction of two of our newest Lions: Alyssa Kwan, ‘15 and Victoria Lee, ’15. Special thanks to the Kamehameha Lions for organizing this event. Extra special thanks to our Leo-alumni-turned-Lion Mai Shiomi, ’11; Sherry Wong, ’12; and Kasandra Kitagawa, ’14

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Don't Hack Me! Mini-Series by the Sacred Hearts Academy Digital Engineering Class

The Sacred Hearts Academy Digital Engineering class will present a series of mini-presentations on Cyber Ethics/Safety/Security and Computer Programming during the months of March and April during the second half of lunch in the Conference Room.

Each mini seminar/episode will cover a specific  topic such as: Computer Ethics and Safety, Coding, Passwords, Anti-Virus/Ubuntu, Firewalls/Updates, Service, and Ports & Protocols.  All sessions are scheduled to start at 1:00PM in the Conference Room

For each episode attended, participants earn a chance at an awesome digital door prize (drawing to be held at the conclusion of the series).

Monday, March 23rd: Episode 1 - Computer Ethics and Safety 
  • What is ethical behavior on a computer?  
  • Why is it important?  
  • How do you keep yourself and your information safe when you are online?

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Leo Convention Planned by Sacred Hearts Academy's Leo Officers

Five of the SHA Leo Club members (Pres. Victoria Lee, VP Alyssa Kwan, Sec. Angela Hesch, Tres. Sarah Na'ai, and member Haylee Bennett) attended this past weekend's District 50 Leo Convention which is open to Leos from across the state. Also in attendance were Leos from Hilo, King Kekaulike (Maui), Moloka'i, Campbell, Farrington, Kaiser, Kalani, Leileihua, Mililani, and Roosevelt. Students camped out at Camp Kokokahi in Kane'ohe where they bonded while trading skills in leadership and discussing challenges facing their Leo Clubs. Attendees also came together in a service project at Punalu'u Lo'i run by the Hawai'inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge at UH, Manoa.

The SHA Leo officers were in charge of planning this year's convention along with Roosevelt HS Leo officers. The committee worked really hard and really well together and hopefully the friendships made in planning and attending this event will last a lifetime.

Special thanks to all of the Lions Clubs who helped to support this event with donations of time and food. Also to the advisers from all clubs for taking time out of their Spring Breaks to be in attendance. And to RHS Leos for assisting with planning convention and Lion Winston Watarai, our District Leo Chair.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fourth Graders Hyped by History of Hawai’i Island

The fourth graders returned from their three-day huaka’i (journey) to Hawai’i Island with a greater understanding of the geology and history of the Islands.

During their travels, the students hiked all over the volcano, searched through lava rocks, smelled the sulphur steam, tasted ohelo barries, touched the ‘Ohi’a Lehua (flower from the Ohi’a tree) and hapuu fern and enjoyed exploring nature, having roommates and swimming in the hotel pool!

They also learned from park rangers, listened to mo’olelo by Kumu Hula Pohai Souza and Carol Young, prayed, chanted, sang, danced hula, learned about Tsunami history, explored the petroglyph fields and the remains of Pu’u Honua O Honaunau (place of refuge) and worked on their iPads to document the trip.

Teacher Michelle Tuzon, '65 said, “This trip was one of the best I’ve ever taken. It was immersion in history, culture and friendship and has made an indelible impression on the students.”

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fifth Graders Tackle Challenges at Camp

On March 11, the Academy’s fifth graders trekked to Camp Timberline for three days of fun and challenging activities geared to build teamwork as well as self-confidence.

While the students enjoyed the low ropes segments, including the “Mohawk Walk” and “Wild Woosey,” and the 7 a.m. “Polar Bear” swims, it was the individual activities on the high ropes, “Multi-Vine” course and the 24-foot tall Climbing Wall that were the highlights of the trip.

During the Multi-Vine challenge, the students individually navigated a course suspended in the treetops, forcing them to push themselves and overcome fears. Amazingly, all 48 fifth graders attempted and completed the Vine course!

Teacher Susan Phllips remarked, “The students faced their fears head-on, and they all succeeded! They returned from Camp with a better perspective of themselves and a better appreciation of the fact that they are one class!”

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