Monday, March 23, 2015

Sophomore Seuss-Inspired Week

The Sacred Hearts Academy Class of 2017 kicked off their week long celebration of 'Sophomore Week' today. Throughout the week students will participate in activities inspired by the popular books of author Dr. Seuss; culminating with the Sophomore Class of 2017 Retreat on Friday.

Monday marked the start of the week long extravaganza with "Malasadas on Mulberry Street Monday". Poi doughnuts were available for students in the Performing Arts Center courtyard directly after morning flag raising. During the distribution a donut eating contest was held with representatives from each homeroom - the winning homeroom won a future 'donut party'!

On Tuesday, "The Cat in the Tackiest Hat" arrives on campus as sophomore students are encouraged to show their spirit through colorful accessories. The more colorful and loud the accessory, the better! Hats, scarves, gloves, crowns, sunglasses, socks, hair accessories, necklaces, and leis are just a few items that can be anticipated! Students will get a chance to win a gift card to Forever21 by entering a "Tacky Threads Tournament" fashion show at lunch.

Wednesday marks the arrival of "Horton hears a... What is it Wednesday?" mystery box homeroom relay race in the newly renovated gymnasium. Students will compete as a homeroom for the coveted "Pizza Party" prize. 

Rounding off the week is the "Sophomore Class of 2017 Retreat", held off-campus at St. Anthony's Retreat Center in Kalihi Valley. 

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