Friday, March 27, 2015

2nd Grade Malls Raise $1,515.57 For Charitable Foundations

The Sacred Hearts Academy 2nd Grade Malls opened for business  for two hours on the morning of Wednesday, March 25th, 2015. Students, family, friends and faculty were invited to visit and shop at "The Great Mall of Aloha" and the "'Ohana Mall" which featured a Keiki Bakery. 

The 2nd Grade Mall project is a hands on way of learning about developing and running a successful business.  Based on what they learned in their Social Studies class students created a business, interviewed shopkeepers at Kahala Mall, came up with a business plan, did an oral presentation, and set up physical actual store.  In the "Great Mall of Aloha" and "'Ohana Mall" there was a book store, snack shop, boutique, school supply store, and salon. 

Through the generous donations of parents, teachers, and friends, the stores were well stocked and ready for business.  The students did an excellent job receiving customers ranging from SK to 6th grade, parents, faculty and staff.  All customers left with a smile of satisfaction on their faces.

The 2nd graders as a unit were able to raise an amazing amount of $1,515. 57!  Students will be voting next week as to which local foundation they would like to donate to.  The 2nd Grade classes are extremely grateful for all of the love and support shown by all of the Sacred Hearts Academy families, friends, teachers, and students!

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