Tuesday, March 24, 2015

East Coast Travels & West Coast Exchanges

The Sacred Hearts Academy Choir and Band programs, accompanied by Dr. Alec Shumacker, Choral Director, and Keith Higaki, Band Director traveled to Washington D.C. and New York City over spring break.  The purpose of the trip was primarily exploratory rather than performance-based.  In just one short week, the two programs visited the US Captiol Building, toured the White House, toured the Smithsonian Museums, saw the Statue of Liberty, watched the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, and visited the Lincoln and Kennedy Centers.  

Even though the Sacred Hearts Academy Choir just returned from their East Coast trip, they are on to their next exciting exchange.  On Tuesday March 24th, a show choir from Mayfair High School in California visited the Sacred Hearts Beginning and Select Choirs.  

Mayfair High School's "Showtime" choir is one of the California's highly regarded high school show choirs. Mayfair has one of the largest public-school performing arts programs in all of California.  Mayfair's choir participated in a choral exchange with the Academy's Select Choir; performing for the 7th grade choir prior to the exchange choral concert with the Select Choir. The two choirs gathered together in the Academy chapel to do a multitude of group warm-ups; followed by a few pieces performed by each choir for each other to enjoy. The choirs performed five songs each; the Academy choir preformed Jerusalem by Michael McGlynn, Dear John, a tongue-in-cheek love song by Stephen Hopkins, Samson by Regina Spektor, No Ka Beauty o Honokohau by Herb Mahelona, and Verde Mar de Navegar by Cristian Grases.  The Mayfair choir performed a pop medley that contained hits by Aretha Franklin, Madonna, and others.

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