Thursday, December 11, 2014

Intermediate Lancers Capture Soccer League Title

Based on their selflessness, communication, team spirit and work ethic, the Lancer Intermediate soccer team represented the Academy well en route to capturing the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH) Division II Soccer Championship.

Led by Captains Leinani Lacio and Chanel Yee, the team came up just short of an undefeated season, losing 0-1 to Mid-Pacific Institute to finish 7-1.

According to Coaches Ramsey Siobal and Glenn Arakawa, what made this team unique was the leadership and mentoring provided by the freshmen and the outstanding contributions made by all the players.

The coaches remarked, “Everyone from the seventh graders to the freshmen stepped up, pushed each other, rallied, learned, laughed and as a unit was outstanding.”

These included eighth grader Eden Arthur, who was pressed into service as the goal keeper and only allowed two goals in six games; Christiann Arakawa, who scored the winning and only goal in the last game of the season; Ciana Rivera and Jordan Confair who set up the scoring; and Emily Truong and Kiely Pazcoguin, the anchors of the strong defensive line.

With the Intermediate season concluded, the six freshmen have moved to the Varsity program, making a positive impact on their older teammates.

The Varsity soccer team, lead by seniors Michelle Mestanza, Taylor Pazcoguin and Kellie Kahiolalo, have had a challenging season, but they continue to work hard and exhibit their pride at being Lancers.

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