Monday, December 8, 2014

Sacred Hearts Academy Raises $10,700 for Aloha United Way

Sacred Hearts Academy raises money for Aloha United Way
Aina Katsikas, Heather Maggini-Mackay, Cindy Adams, Remee Tam, Elyse Glaser.
The Academy was pleased to present  Executive Director of Aloha United Way, Cindy Adams, a check for $10,700 at the conclusion of  another successful fundraising campaign.

The Student Councils sponsored events such as Dress Up/Dress Down Day, and a Costume for A Cause Halloween activity in October. To add fun to the challenges, the high school also offered Teacher Fund Me challenges, which earned over $300.00 for Aloha United Way. The winning challenge, a dance performance done by the Spanish teachers Senor Rist and Senorita Cestare, was performed at the Halloween Pep Rally. In the meantime, the lower school raided their piggy banks for Coins for A Cause. The students also teamed with parents to sponsor a very successful Bake and snack sale which earned over $3,500 dollars.

Overall, it was a fundraising drive, and students noted that they enjoyed having a new variety of fundraising activities.

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