Wednesday, November 5, 2014

HIKI NŌ Episode 604 Hosted by Sacred Hearts Academy

A number of students worked both on and off camera to complete this HIKI NŌ project. This was a 2 month project for the Video Journalism, Videography and Journalism class. Congratulations to the students for a job well done.

The Sacred Hearts Academy HIKI NŌ crew: Mariko Galton, Kailanianna Ablog, Frances Nicole Tabios, Megan Balinowski, Theressa Ellorin, Danielle Garza, Chelsi Sordillia, Alexandra Seto, Sky Yim, Jewel Taitano, Lindsey Ogata, Danielle Garza, Maya Mathur, Rache Sapla, Debi Sordillia, Tristin Martin, Chiann Nobrega, Celina Ma and Advisor Randall Pong. 

For more information about our Videography and Journalism courses, please register for our November 23rd Fall Open House.
Fall Open House - November 23rd at 2:30 PM

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