Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Safety Seminar to Prepare Students for College Life

In just a few short months, our seniors will be heading off to colleges in Hawaii, on the mainland and in foreign countries.  On Monday, November 10, Rebecca Debo (2006) spoke to the seniors about ways they can keep themselves safe while being away from home.  In her job as a security officer at Marquette University in MilwaukeeWisconsin, she has seen first hand the ways that students’ behaviors and actions may leave them more vulnerable to experiencing difficult and dangerous situations.

In the excitement of being away from home and on their own, Debo’s advice was to 1) walk with a purpose in well lit and busy areas instead of taking shortcuts that may be safe during daylight areas, 2) removing headphones and 3) not to walk when texting or using a cell phone.  She also encouraged them to always pay attention to their surroundings and to assess situations so that they have time to react instead of being caught off guard.  This also involves paying attention to as many details as possible as witness accounts of the events around unfortunate situations for other people may be helpful in apprehending perpetrators.

Debo’s final recommendations were that all students attend and participate in their college or university safety meetings and orientations before school begins.  If students are prepared for unsafe situations, they are less likely to become involved in them.  She stressed that these skills can be used in all situations, not just those at colleges or universities.

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