Thursday, July 12, 2018

Academy Teachers Selected As Trustey STEM Fellows

Kana Takahashi, Jennifer Arthur, Dawn Robertson
Three Sacred Hearts Academy middle school teachers, Jennifer Arthur, Dawn Robertson, and Kana Takahashi, have been selected for the highly competitive Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellows program. The team will join the 2018 cohort by traveling to a Trustey Summer Institute at Notre Dame University July 16-28.
The goal of the program is to foster continuous improvement in STEM teaching and learning. Sponsored by the Notre Dame Center for STEM Education, the fellowship spans three summers and two academic years. It includes the facilitation of a school-wide STEM Impact Plan. The experience offers 100 hours of professional development per year, paid travel, and a stipend over the three-year fellowship.
During the school years, the Sacred Hearts Academy teaching team will implement STEM Impact Plans, engage with an instructional coach and travel in January each year to the RISE Summit in Palo Alto, California to reinforce their STEM learning and apply their knowledge.
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Congrats, Dawn! You have always been ready for new challenges.

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