Wednesday, November 11, 2015

C is for Coding and Computer Savvy

The Academy’s students not only use technology daily, but are learning to create technology in their coding classes. These classes are empowering, rewarding and just plain fun!          

The coding curriculum begins in the first grade and continues through High School. Along the way, students fine-tune their programming fundamentals skills, tackle web and mobile development and design and delve into robotics. The first graders practice their coding skills with their “minibots” – Dash and Dot, programming them to move around, play music and more.
Those in middle school program animations and create video games. In the High School, the coders use industry-standard programs and understand the role technology has in shaping the world. With society’s every-increasing reliance on technology, it is imperative that the Academy’s students develop the skills essential for future success.

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