Monday, December 18, 2017

Mahalo for Supporting #SacredHeartsAcademy

Mahalo for supporting #SacredHeartsAcademy! (Donate)
Dear Academy Alumnae & Friends:

In this holiday season, with a New Year approaching, we reflect on the days behind us and are grateful for the gifts received in support of the Academy. We fondly think of our alumnae and friends and wish them a joyful Christmas.

Because of your kindness and generosity, students continue to thrive as they develop skills to be competent and caring future women leaders. If you haven’t made your annual gift, we invite you to think of your alma mater and Academy 'ohana before the new year:

With the holidays upon us and the beginning of 2018 just a few days away, we wish you glorious celebrations with family and friends, and a New Year filled with happiness and success!

With Warmest Aloha.

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johnblaze21 said...

Mahalo for the heartwarming message! Your call to support #SacredHeartsAcademy resonates with the spirit of giving during the holiday season. Wishing the Academy and its community a joyful Christmas and a prosperous New Year!
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