Thursday, November 16, 2017

Leo or Leona the Lion

Ashley Robinson, 1st Grade, Sacred Hearts Academy
Academy 1st graders are learning to “draw from reference,” which means looking at a picture carefully, and drawing what you see. Students practiced using their knowledge of the different line families to determine what type of line to draw next: straight, curved or angled.

Next, they used their imagination to create a more realistic or imaginary setting for the lion. Some really show off their sense of humor by including details like the lions underwear hanging on a hanger in their room, or a heavenly lion on cloud wearing a halo.
Kanoe Kostiha, 1st Grade, Sacred Hearts Academy

Drawings were colored in with markers, and oil pastel for the background. They experimented with using the side of the oil pastel to create a bumpy texture, coloring like a crayon or “smudging”  it for a softer look.

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