Monday, October 12, 2015

Lancer Robotics Hosts 1st Lancer VEX IQ Challenge

Parent Kimberly Ramos didn’t know what to expect when she came to watch her daughter Sophia Ramos (3rd) participate in her first VEX IQ competition. “Who knew how much crazy, chaotic, excitement would be going on at a Robotics Competition. Surprisingly fun!” From 7am to 5pm, T.C. Ching Student Center was abuzz with over a hundred young roboticists competing in over 110 matches!

Lancer Robotic’s inaugural Lancer VEX IQ Challenge was a big success with many student and parent volunteers.  The MCs Madison Iwashita (4th) and Tya Hunter (5th) were great MCs with good public speaking confidence.  The event opened with Andromeda Tong (5th) the Star Spangled Banner and Hawaii Ponoi with her beautiful voice.

There were 23 teams participating from 12 elementary and middle schools around the island. Lancer Robotics had two Lower School and two Jr. HS teams – Sara Inao (3rd), Sadie Takaki (3rd), Sophia Ramos (3rd), Sophia Pedrosa (3rd), Aureanna Vendiola (3rd), Abegail Aguirre (4th), Nanami Mehring (6th), Hunter Kim (7th), Auli’i Ludington (8th), and Lauren Matsukawa (8th). Congratulations to our 3rd grade team Sara Inao and Sadie Takaki for ranking 10th overall in qualification matches and entering the finals!

The tournament champions were the Navigator Robotics Team 4442C from Island Pacific Academy and the Mililani Masters Team 11173B (an independent team). They were the dominant forces with their incredible robots, winning the Design Award (4442C), Judges Award (11173B), Robot Skills Champion Award (4442C), Programming Skills Champion Award (11173B), and Sportsmanship Award (4442C).

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