Monday, October 6, 2014

Sacred Hearts Academy Hosts Hawaii Speech League Tournament

Sacred Hearts Academy Hosts Hawaii Speech League Tournament
On Saturday, October 4, the first Hawaii Speech League tournament of the year was held at Sacred Hearts Academy. The Sacred Hearts "home team" did well! Junior Summer Tsukenjo earned a certificate for multiple superiors in the category of Program Reading. She spoke on the topic of motherhood, drawing from pieces by Erma Bombeck and Tina Fey. Freshman Serena Luttropp also participated in Program Reading, focusing on the topic of music, with pieces by Juhan Liiv and John Updike, among others.

Four Academy students spent the day as senators, participating in the category of Congressional Debate. Senior Zoe Sprott earned recognition for placing third in Student Congress. Senior Kristen Andres and freshman Jade Spallina ranked among the top eight in Congress, and rookie senator and senior Ka'ua Arelliano earned positive comments as well from judges.

Many Academy students volunteered to be timekeepers, and some of them have decided to attend the next tournament as participants. The November 1 tournament will be held at Kaiser High School.

Teachers Margy O’Kelly and Gaylen Isaacs and parent Sheri Luttropp served as judges for the day.  The speech team advisor is Jill Sprott.

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